• The Great Pyramid Of Giza: How It Was Built In Less Than 7 Years

    Our book will reveal what's never been written before a blueprint packed with simple logical solutions on how the Great Pyramid of Giza was actually completed in a realistic time-frame of less than 7 years.

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  • Pyramid of Giza Facts!

    The Great pyramid of Giza, supposedly took 20 years to build. This estimated time-frame appears logical on the surface yet when the pyramid of Giza is analysed its purpose proves this timeframe impractical.

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The most compelling questions that takes precedence is the purpose of the pyramid and the life expectancy of the pharaoh Khufu.

You cannot imagine the consequences on society of the times if they failed to complete the Pharaohs resting place before his death

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"This is an ingenious and intriguing book. It shows what can be done by thinking outside the box. Who knows how it stacks up (or down!) to what happened, but that is not the point -- it makes this immense human achievement, and its costs, credible. By this account, the pyramid builders were even cleverer than we thought! I hope the authors have some more puzzles up their sleeves to share with us. Click Here To Get Your Copy" Joyce Florence Martin

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